Siamo in grado di mobilitare una macchina produttiva molto elaborata, oppure fare dei film che, prescindendo dall’aspetto industriale, tendono all’esercizio artistico, meglio concepibili come oggetti artigianali.


Giusta esperienza per la produzione esecutiva di:

  • fiction
  • tv movie
  • documentari
  • intrattenimento.

Curiamo alla perfezione ogni dettaglio in fase di progettazione e produzione del videoclip musicale:

  • creatività
  • luci
  • movimenti di macchina
  • location e costumi…

…life and movies: same stage, different film!!! 

A Little About Us

"Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere"

Some people wax rhapsodic about being “inspired” by a beautiful piece of art or a breathtaking sunset. They paint their offices blue and adorn the walls with reprints of well-known paintings.

But does that sort of thing really have an impact on your creativity in business? Some compelling experts say the answer is “yes” and that opportunities for inspiration and greater creativity can be found all around us every day.
Everybody can be creative in certain ways. You need to find that outlet that brings it out in you.